Hardwood Floor Refinishing

The RX No Sanding Method

Carpet Cleaning in Monmouth County NJ understands that hardwood flooring can add beauty to your home that isn’t possible elsewhere. Hardwood flooring can show signs of wear no matter how diligent you are about maintaining it. Your hardwood flooring will begin to look worn and eventually will need to be refinished. Instead of using invasive, time-consuming sanding to refinish hardwood flooring, our company offers RX Wood Floors, which is a more cost-effective alternative to traditional sanding. It is, however, a fast process from start to end.

Hardwood floor refinishing protects your flooring

RX for Wood Floors may seem confusing. RX hardwood floor restoration preserves hardwood floors and restores them to their original condition. This is a urethane revitalization process that won’t affect your original hardwood flooring color. This process does not require sanding and can be used to remove strong odors from hardwood flooring.

Wood Floors RX in One Day!

RX for Wood Floors is a faster alternative to traditional hardwood floor restoration in CT. The entire process takes less than one day. Carpet Cleaning in Monmouth County NJ understands how disruptive it can be for your home to be a construction zone for days. You can count on RX for Wood Floors to complete the entire process in just one day. This is why our customers choose RX for Wood Floors to finish their floor refinishing projects.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing in CT & Beyond

Carpet Cleaning in Monmouth County NJ will complete the RX process for hardwood floors. You can expect to be able to walk on your hardwood flooring within 24 hours. You will soon be able to enjoy your hardwood flooring once again. Carpet Cleaning in Monmouth County NJ is pleased to be able offer this service to customers. We will keep your hardwood flooring in the same condition it was when it was installed. You can contact us if you need hardwood floor refinishing services in Avon, Canton or Simsbury, Farmington and Southington, Plantsville and Bristol, or Hartford. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about the RX system for wood floors.

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